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EnergyFew industries face quite such difficult issues as energy; it is badly needed and yet vigorously opposed by local communities.

We have particular experience in wind energy and in gas storage, both of which are recognised as having vital roles to play in the UK’s long-term energy mix. We have been around long enough to know that there is rarely a quick fix when it comes to consulting with neighbours. In addition to sound strategy, we can offer a full range of supporting tools: web consultation; video with animations that explain complex issues; newsletters; exhibitions. But most importantly, we have the instincts and experience to hit the right tone and to build relationships.
Case Studies

Showcase 09Upper Vaunces Wind Farm
communicating controversial wind farm proposals more
Albury gas storage project
consulting on plans to store gas beneath Surrey more
Tullo community fund
giving back to communities at a wind farm site more
Wind Weekend
taking wind farms to the masses more